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Message from Director General of the Agricultural
Jihad Organization of Zanjan Province

The growth of agricultural sector in the province of Zanjan, over the years, indicates that the province possesses the privileges required for investment in the growth and development of agricultural sector and related industries.The progressive growth of agricultural sector in the national and provincial level, over the past two years, is by itself a witness, which confirms this issue.The unique geographical location, favorable weather conditions, mobilization of the Province with essential infrastructures such as agricultural schools, power transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, freeways benefitting from national rail network, airport, active and educated manpower have put the province on an accelerated path of development.

Hossein Ja'fari
Director General of the Agricultural
Jihad Organization of Zanjan Province

This also applies for the availability of fertile agricultural lands, industrial areas and towns in various regions of the Province, talented and interested human resources, closeness and proximity to the consumer market at home and abroad, and above all, the existence of a strong determination on the part of senior officials of the province for the attraction and protection of investment,

The Agricultural Jihad Organization of Zanjan Province, with the compilation of strategies for the development of agriculture and related industries and a strong presence in the initiative for the development of the province, and by relying on the motivation and effort on the part of the beneficiaries of the agricultural sector, endeavors to play its role in this area.

One of the key and major requirements to achieve development in the agricultural sector is to introduce the capacities, as well as, the existing situation, and finally, remarkable projects, to various target groups. Zanjan Province, being on the country’s ground communications route to Europe, has always been hosting different segments of investors with a variety of interests. Therefore, the availability of a department for introducing the best of feasible opportunities, also identified benefits identified in the agricultural sector, will create areas of further activities in this sector and in the attention of the investors.

In this department, there has been an effort to present primary and comprehensive information on various agricultural subsectors, so that interested users can satisfy their requirements, and by purposeful investment in the agricultural sector, will benefit from a variety of anticipated incentives and supports.

It is hoped that regarding the high determination of the honorable provincial officials for the attraction and protection of investment in various subsectors, we will be witnessing the growth of investment in the agricultural sector, together with more affluence in this sector.


A view to the Development of Agriculture Sectorin Zanjan Provincee

The agriculture sector has always been regarded as an important part of the country’s economy. In fact this sector, in addition to participating in job creation, GDP, providing raw materials for various industries and absorbing financial resources, has had an important role in the provision of food safety and creation of consumption market for other sectors. Zanjan province due to its privileged geographical location, climatic conditions diverse and high potentials in the agriculture sector, benefits from a suitable vision for the development of the agriculture sector.


Privileged geographical location of the province

Zanjan province wiZanjan province with an area of 22164 SQ KM is situated in the northwestern part of Iran. Its average altitude is over 1,500 meters above sea level. The lowest point in the province has an altitude of 300 meters in Tarom region and its highest point has an altitude of 2900 meters on Takht-e Soleiman Mountains in the heights of Mahneshan city. According to the latest country’s divisions, the province of Zanjan consists of 8 cities, 17 counties, 48 rural districts and 21 towns. Cities of Zanjan Province consist of Zanjan, Abhar, `Ijrud, Khodabandeh, Khoramdareh, Tarom, Soltaniyeh and Mahneshan. Zanjan Province, to the north is bordered by the provinces of East Azerbaijan, Ardebil and Gilan, to the east, by the provinces of Qazvin and Gilan, to the south, by the provinces of Hamedan and Qazvin, and to the west, by the provinces of West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan.



The Status of agriculture sector in Zanjan Province

The climatic and geographical status of the province has created a suitable ground for various agricultural activities. In fact, nearly 3.6 percent of the country’s agricultural lands are located in in the province of Zanjan and the share of the province, as for the agricultural lands in comparison with the country’s agricultural lands is nearly 3 times the total share of the province in comparison with the country’s total area, which is 1.34 percent.

Based on the information available in 2015, the total area of agricultural land of the province is about 839 thousand hectares, including 458 thousand hectares of agricultural land (338 thousand hectares of irrigated farming lands and 120 hectares of non-irrigated farming lands), 66 thousand hectares of orchard lands, and 315 hectares of fallow lands.

Agriculture sector has an important share and role in the economy of the province, in such a way    that, in 2013, the share of agriculture in the GDP was 26.8 percent. Furthermore, according to 2014 agricultural census results, a number of 181258 agricultural beneficiaries were identified throughout the province, working on activities, such as, animal husbandry, farming, or horticulture and almost 30.5 percent of jobholders in the province were working in the agriculture sector. In addition to that, more than 35 percent of rural income is dependent on the agriculture sector and is provided by this sector.



The status of agricultural water in the Province

Water and soil is one of the main and important factors of production in the agriculture sector. In a country such as Iran, which is facing water shortages and poor supervision of agricultural lands, the role of investment in maintaining the above factors is of special importance. Accordingly, in recent years, there has been a suitable investment in the area of water and soil in the province, especially by providing the agricultural lands with modern irrigation systems, implementing large and small projects, provision and distribution of water, providing agricultural wells with electricity, and covering traditional streams.

Export Potentials and Investment Opportuntities Available in Agriculture Spect of Zanjan Province